This task aims at the identification of quantitative imaging procedures that deliver relevant imaging biomarkers for modeling of the tissue response to therapy. It further optimizes the identified imaging procedures with respect to robustness and reproducibility.


Dedicated sets of imaging protocols and quantification method will be defined and optimized for different anatomies (prostate, cervix). The images/imaging biomarkers will be used for correlation with histopathological markers of tissue resistance / side effect response to radiotherapy as well as for the multicenter validation of the integrated work flow.

Expected outcome

The task will deliver dedicated sets of imaging protocols and quantification approaches for different anatomies (prostate, cervix).


NKI-AVL Figure Quantitative Imaging

MRI scan of a patient with prostate cancer. Left: T2 weighted scan in which the tumor appears dark. Middle: Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) map obtained from a DWI scan, Right: Ktrans map as obtained from a dynamic gadolinium-enhanced DCE scan. The map represents the local vascular permeability of the tumor. The scan was made on a 3T Philips Achieva TX MRI scanner, with a sense cardiac coil and an endorectal coil. The tumor is indicated by the white arrow.