This task aims at providing the necessary infrastructure and interfaces for the integration of the individual components from the imaging, image analysis and modeling tasks into a demonstrator system. In addition, this work package aims at the visualization of the multimodal and multi-value data that plays a role throughout the complete model-based radiotherapy planning pipeline.


This demonstrator system shall be capable of connecting to clinical treatment planning systems, so that the entire clinical workflow of radiation treatment planning using advanced modeling can be demonstrated and validated. The demonstrator shall also provide capabilities for data mining, in order to validate subsets of components (e.g. validation of tissue characterization using histology data).

In order to validate the modeling components and the overall system on realistic data, the system needs to have access to patient data, both imaging and non-image (e.g. lab value) data. The definition of respective interfacing mechanisms in concordance is part of this task.
Prior to the radiotherapy modeling, different imaging modalities will be combined by means of image registration, relevant anatomical structures will be segmented, multiple parameters will be quantified and different tissues will be classified. The resulting multitude of information is the input for the patient-specific radiotherapy modeling. We will develop methods for the visualization and exploration of all relevant information in the radiotherapy planning pipeline; we will especially focus on methods that incorporate the uncertainty that is introduced in each step in the pipeline.

Expected outcome

The outcome of this task will be the definition of the infrastructure and interface that are necessary to realize the Digital Radiation Therapy Patient software demonstrator system. Furthermore, the outcome will be the definition and implementation of new methods to visualize all relevant information in the radiation therapy planning chain, including its uncertainty.

The complete radiation therapy planning chain