Philips Healthcare Building

Philips Healthcare is one of the three Philips sectors (next to Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle) and is currently responsible for about one-third of the Philips sales (yearly healthcare sales around 9 billion euro). In this project, two departments participate, which are both located in Best, The Netherlands: MR Clinical Science and MRI Therapy Segment. The MRI Clinical Science department is responsible for managing clinical science activities in the field of MR imaging and image processing. The department has ample expertise in the optimization and evaluation of new imaging & image processing methods together with a broad clinical user network. The MRI Therapy segment focuses on the use and exploitation of MRI beyond diagnostic purposes. One of the key areas in our segment is radiation therapy, for which we have built up a range of relevant capabilities (marketing, development, clinical science, applications, etc.). We aim to support the use of MRI in the radiation oncology market by understanding our customers, by helping them to improve their patient treatment through effective use of MRI, and by developing innovative and relevant products.


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