NKI-AVL Building

The NKI-AVL is a comprehensive cancer center and research institute with a long history of clinical research The radiotherapy department has played a key role in the field of image-guided radiotherapy and was involved in the development as well as clinical research of in-room cone-beam CT imaging, The department works with Philips Healthcare on development of the treatment planning system Pinnacle, to accommodate uncertainties in treatment delivery and dose painting. The department routinely treats its patients with advanced IGRT techniques and volumetric treatment delivery (VMAT).

The radiotherapy department had a leading role in two phase III randomized trials, the Dutch dose escalation trial, comparing 68 and 78 Gy, and the HYPRO trial. Currently, NKI-AVL-AVL participates in the FLAME trial, a multi-center phase III randomized trial to test the benefit of an integrated boost to the tumor. The departments of urology, pathology and radiology participate in the Dutch PCMM trial on prostate cancer molecular medicine.

Yearly about 380 patients are treated with radiotherapy for prostate cancer, 20 patients for cervix cancer. All patients receive MRI exams including quantitative imaging, as preparation for the treatment.


www.nki.nl and www.avl.nl

Key publications

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