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The department of Oncology hosts one of the largest oncology departments in Scandinavia, serving a catchment area of more than 1 mil. people. The Department of Oncology integrates the activities in the clinical department, the Department of Medical Physics and the Department of Experimental Clinical Oncology. The radiotherapy section includes 12 linear accelerators and 3 afterloaders, as well as 3 CT, 1 MRI, and 1 PET-CT scanner. The institution has played a very significant role in research and developments in radiation therapy and radiotherapy imaging, both on a national and international level. Conformal CT-based radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy, MR-based brachytherapy, image guidance including daily cone-beam based set-up and stereotactic radiotherapy is thoroughly implemented in the clinic. Research programs are linked to the CT, MRI and PET/CT scanners in parallel with the clinical activities, and an interdisciplinary research MRI group embraces radiologists, oncologists, medical physicists and technologists. The Department of Experimental Clinical Oncology is conducting clinically oriented translational research in oncology, especially focusing on research related to radiotherapy and its application. The facilities include all the necessary equipment for radiobiological studies including cell culture facilities and laboratories for molecular biology and immunohistochemistry. The department hosts the radiation oncology research environment in Scandinavia. The research staff includes currently: 5 professors (2 radiation oncology, 1 clinical oncology, 1 medical physics, 1 psycho-oncology), 17 associate professors (7 full time, 10 part time (MD)), 9 assistant professors and postdocs, 34 PhD students, 10 master students.

Aarhus University

Aarhus University (Aarhus) has more than 10.000 members of staff and an annual enrolment of more than 38.000 students. In the latest rankings from the renowned British journal – the Times Higher Education Supplement, AU ranks among the best in Europe. Research programs include both bench science research and clinical research. Institute of Clinical Medicine has 1.140 persons affiliated. These are 20 professors, 80 clinical professors, 51 associate professors, 300 clinical or external associate professors, 29 postdocs, 200 Ph.D.-students.


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